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About us

About us

The EDA Foundation is all about reliability, quality and personal business. In business services, we provide knowledge sharing, cost savings and advice.

Our reliability is not just a nice concept, but the core of our activities. Who we are and what we provide is reliable. We put in our opinions, the interests of the customer and thus the consumer is paramount. We offer products from multiple vendors which we are independent and our communication is open and honest.


Businessmen working in an environment that is increasingly complex. Laws set increasingly stringent requirements and train entrepreneurs on what they do best: business. Foundation EDA is the partner that burden from the shoulders of his clients decreases. High quality, timely and proactive advice belongs in our vision of the job. Quality for us means excellence, service, innovation and security. We have a personal character, but do like clarity and openness. We are convinced that a personal approach is the best way to do business; personal business. For companies it is increasingly important to have this further helps enterprises.

Mision statement

Our mission is to relieve companies in the areas of administration, automation, information and marketing. This knowledge and expertise we would like to share with you, so you can also benefit from those advantages. If the customer wishes, we can also realizing the partner besides the advisory. All this independent, pragmatic and realistic. The relationship with our environment is very important to us. Both our clients and our employees and suppliers. We strive to build without compromising the quality of service to lose sight of. Lasting relationships Foundation EDA is constantly working to improve services to our clients.

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